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List Of Hkey_*

If the information on the user account shows that it does not have admin access, it will call “SetNamedSecurityInfoW” to try and take ownership and make the account an admin so that it can bypass UAC. In the first section, we determined that the sample is in fact a packed executable. Malicious files can be […]

How To Remove Sppextcomobjhook Dll Trojan

A reboot of the PC will often do the trick, but there is a way to repair files while Windows 7 is running and, presumably, you are working productively. Click “Start” and reboot your computer to launch the utility and scan your hard drive. Click the “Start” button, select “Computer” from the menu on the […]

How To Open Dll File?

We’ll go through 2 methods of opening DLL files a bit further down this article, but first, let’s discuss what a DLL file actually is in the first place. Many DLL files are provided with the Windows operating system, while others are included with Windows programs. They enable various program functions, such as communication with […]