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Extract Icon From Exe Or Dll File In Windows 10

To restore the TrustedInstaller ownership in Windows 7,8 and Vista, type “NT Service\TrustedInstaller” as new owner name. Note that some parts of the registry database are never shown in Registry editor. How Do You Find What Process Is Holding A File Open In Windows? The client will then take a look at it’s own IP […]

How To Change Default Theme In Windows 11

When you’re using a tool such as regedit to search the registery, it initiate a LINEAR search. The registery is an #hierarchal# database, this mean that you get super fast access if you know where you are going. Registry files should be stored locally in the directory the application was stored in, or better yet […]

How To Fix Can’t Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

after that a lot of upates installed and there is no more. Windows Update can’t find any updates and i know 1909 is not the newest Windows. You can choose from a variety of available patterns, colors, and gradients. With the test of time the registry becomes messy and this may cause your system to […]